Trailed Disc Harrow

Trailed Disc Harrow RI 7HR (7X7 HARROW)

A harrow is a farm implement used for surface tillage. It is used after ploughing for breaking up and smoothingout the surface of the soil. The purpose of harrowing is to break up clods and to provide a soil structure, calledtilth, that is suitable for planting seeds. RICOITALY 7X7 Trailed Disc Harrow trails behind the tractor and because of heavy design and weight can effectively break up heavy clods.

• Heavy-duty cast-iron spools to provide center weight.
• Optional wheels can be provided for easy transportation.
• It has a strong and sturdy main frame.

Technical Data
No. of disc 14
Diameter of disc 24 inch
Bearing hub 4
Tractor Power 40-50