Self Propelled Reaper

Self-propelled Reaper can reap one hectare of land within 3-4 hours. It prevents loss of grains while reaping, gathers sheaves into neat windrows, and can reap farmland at a walking pace. RICO ITALY Reaper is ideally suited for the harvesting of paddy, wheat, soya bean, Jawar, fodder, lemongrass, and similar crops. The cost of operation is the lowest and it helps the farmer to harvest his field at the lowest ever cost. RICOITALY reapers are the best pick by the small and marginal farmers due to their affordability and high performance which can substantially reduce both manpower and harvesting cost.

RICOITALY Reapers are the most sought harvesting equipment in all reaping process with powerful engines which enhances the ultimate performance with minimum grain loss.

  • Equipped with powerful four-stroke petrol and diesel engines.
  • Cultivation width up to 120 cms
  • Featuring forward and reverse gears ease to operate
  • Powerfulengine and easy starting
  • Accessories compatible

RI 2000

ModelRI 2000
Engine196 cc
ProductivityApprox. 2000 m2 / Hrs.
Cutting Width1200 mm / 4 Ft.