Rice Transplanter

This product is used for transplanting saplings to the field. This is very Important as it reduces the time taken to transplant saplings and also enhance productivity. It also helps to control many other activities like space, depth, seedings and distance.

It is a 2-row rice transplant machine and needs to be used by hand. Our machine is very light weight and easy to operate.


  • 1) It is designed for traditional rice seedlings! No need of farmers to grow seedlings in plastic tray.
  • 2) Suitable for terrace field, hilly areas, small scale field.
  • 3) No fuel required, operation hand, no pollution.
  • 4) Easy to operate as no need to bend down when transplanting.
  • 5) Efficiency: 500 sqmt/ hour. Equivalent to 5 to 8 persons saves labour costs, no worry of labour shortage during transplanting season.
  • 6) Row distance, hills distance, plant quantity are adjustable and can be controlled.
  • 7) Yield is increased by 30% in comparison to direct broadcasting.
  • 8) Very light weight, only 18 kg, so very easy to carry.
  • 9) Row distance is standardized; weeder can be used between the rows.


  • Model: CB4TPM
  • Two Row
  • Row Distance: 25 CM
  • Efficiency: 500sqmt/H
  • Baseplate: Stainless Steel
  • Machine Weight: 18kg