Lubricating oil is used to reduce the friction, heat and wear between mechanical components that are in contact with each other, It adds life to the machines increases performance and efficiency.

RICOITALY Lubricants have low volatility, our oil is resistant to oxidation which yields acids and sludge.

Viscosity of our oil is sufficient to ensure proper lubrication. Our lubricating oil is made specially for small high RPM agricultural engines used in power weeder, power tiller, garden sprayers, Gensets threshers etc.

Our oil meets the API SM, JASO MA-2 standards (Japanese standards) delivering higher friction performance and increase the life of engines.

Feature & Benefits:

  • Super performance in terms of oxidation stability.
  • Excellent ware protection at high temperature and operating conditions.
  • Enhances Engine & gear Life.

Our Lubricants comes in 3 different variants

RIMCY-50 20W40

RIMCY-50 10W30

RIMCY-90 EP-90