Lawn Mowers

RICOTALY Lawnmowers are self-propelled, rotary blade, easy to operate, improved design, improved comfort, improved handle locking, improved handle grip, improved safety features, improved durability, improved cutting, improved engine protection, easy maintenance, wider cutting diameter, heavy-duty Motor and engine models.

RICOITALY lawnmowers relive you from all the pain involved in cutting the grass to maintain beautiful gardens. Ergonomic design, convenience, Excellent performance coupled with advanced yet easy to use features make the product an ideal choice for extensive lawns.

  • Available in manual, electric and Engine powered models
  • 4 stroke engine and single-phase copper winded electric motor.
  • Affordable, Safe, and easy to use.
  • Fine grass cutting as per requirements.

Manual / Hand Push Lawn Mower

RICOITALY Lawn mowers are made using best components and have one of the finest cutting of grass due to light weight cylinder. The blades are set along with the cylinder to cut against the fixed blade with precision to make it easy to drive along with wonderful experience.

It is practically the most environmental friendly machine without any noise which also keeps you fit.
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Easy to push, Easy to handle
  • 12",14 and 18" cutting width
  • 5 steel blades
  • Cutting heights adjustable from 14-47mm
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonable price
  • Low on maintenance

Electric Lawn Mower

RICO ITALY electric lawnmowers are light and notably quieter, thus very environmentally-friendly. The silent running is good for your ears and allows you to work without any fatigue. They can be used any time and by anyone without any prior maintenance to have best experience of maintaining beautiful lawns.

Special Features
  • Low noise level suitable for use in residential areas and public spaces
  • Best choices for use in resorts, public places, institutions and residential area
  • Double insulated, powerful motor with high torque
  • Stays upright for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Smoother front shaped deck reduces resistance of long grass when the cutting height is low
  • Improved grass collection efficiency; Grass can be collected until the grass box is full, by improving grass collecting passage and the shape of blade
  • Large capacity grass box reduces the need for emptying
  • Deck is made of Robust steel for increased durabilit
  • The self-propelled switch lever can be operated while gripping blade switch

RI LM 18

ModelRI LM 18
Engine Typeair cooled, 4-stroke petrol
Power3600 r/min./ 4 HP
Engine139 cc
StartingSelf Propelled
Moving25-75 mm
Wt.25 Kg. / 27 Kg.

RI LM 20

ModelRI LM 20
Engine Type3 HP Motor Single Phase
Power2800 r/min.
StartingSelf Propelled
Moving25-75 mm