Hose Pipes

Hose Pipe

8.00 / 10.00 / 12.00 mm

RICOITALY Hose Pipes are made from high quality PVC and Polyester. which allows them to stay soft (Flexible) in extreme cold and hot climates in India,

Our hosepipes are lightweight, easy to manage and durable. Our customers from extreme hilly and cold climates of Kashmir, Ladakh ,Uttrakhand and Himachal pradesh along with our customers from very hot climate of Rajasthan and Gujarat are both happy and satisfied with the quality

Lay Flat PVC Water Discharge Hose Pipe

1 inch / 4 inch

Lay flat hose is called by many different names such as Lapeta Pipe, water discharge hose, backwash hose, flat irrigation hose, pump hose, pool discharge hose, mining hose etc.

It is reinforcement with high tensible synthetic textile. It is made for multipurpose application but mainly for agriculture and horticulture. It is a superior replacement to conventional cotton/kisan/LDPE/HDPE lapeta hose pipes.

Our hose pipe has

1. Large life and easy to use
2. Compact storage, lightweight
3. Resistant to grease
4. UV protected
5. Burst free

* 100% virgin PVC material, Non-Toxic, non-small

Available in 2 Sizes:
1 Inch
1.5 Inch
2 Inch
2.5 Inch
3 Inch
4 Inch