Land Maintenance

Laser Land Leveller
Ramsons Impex Laser land leveller is leveling the field within certain degree of desired slope using a guided laser beam throughout the field. Unevenness of the soil surface has a significant impact on the germination, stand and yield of crops. Farmers also recognize this and therefore devote considerable time resources in leveling their fields properly. However, traditional methods of leveling land are cumbersome, time consuming as well as expensive.

Machine control system to be mounted on tractor consisting of :
  • 5 Light Sensor ( Receiver) with Carry Case to be mounted on a mast directly above bucket
  • 5 Light Auto Panel with keys and LED display for manual and automatic control of Hydraulics of tractor
  • Power cable for powering system from tractor power ( 12V / 24V)
  • Cable connecting 5 light sensor to Auto Panel
  • Cable connecting Auto panel to Valves of tractor for Hydraulic control Laser transmitter mounted on tripod consisting of :
    • Laser with carrying case. A rugged self levelling laser with automatic elevation alert, bright red beam and a working operating range (Diameter) 600 meter.
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Battery Charger
    • AC power cable for charger
    • Aluminium Tripod
    • Rod eye mini sensor with bracket for mounting on leveling staff for ground survey
    • Levelling staff

Disc Bund Farmer
The bund maker consists of mild steel angle iron frame; hitch system, and two discs. It is used for making irrigation banks of up to 500 600 mm height and 600 - 800 mm width for effective control of flood irrigation or bunds of the size and shape to match crop and soil conditions. It makes bunds for efficient use of irrigation water.

Bund Farmer